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Board of Trustees

Board Members

The BuncombePWD Board of Trustees is comprised of seven members. Six are appointed by the Jackson County Board Office, one from the Union County Board office, and all are customers of the BuncombePWD. The Chairman, Vice Chairman, District Secretary, and Treasurer are elected annually; however, the District Secretary and Treasurer may not be Board Members. If you are interested in serving on the BuncombePWD Board of Trustees, please contact the District Office for an application or further information.

Robert Hughey

Chairman – Jackson County Board appointed


Trustee – Union County Board appointed

John Dickson

Trustee – Jackson County Board appointed

Grace Brewer

Trustee – Jackson County Board appointed

Karen Fiorino

Interim Vice-Chair Karen Fiorino – Jackson County Board appointed

Conyers Lamb

Trustee – Jackson County Board appointed

William Paul Heern

Trustee – Jackson County Board appointed

Mike Twomey

District Secretary – BuncombePWD Board appointed

Michael Williamsen

Treasurer – BuncombePWD Board appointed

Meetings Schedule

Current Monthly Board Meetings Calendar 


Current Meeting Agenda 


Approved Board Meeting Minutes {HERE}

Board Meetings

Second Tuesday of Each Calendar Month

7:00 p.m. at District Office

79 Wiley Lane, Makanda